Local taxes account for about one-third of local government revenue, followed by local allocations tax, national treasury disbursements and Local Government Bonds/loans.

  • • Local transfer tax: Collected as national tax and transferred to Local Governments
  • • Special local grant: A revenue source treated as a substitute for local taxes, introduced to supplement a part of the decrease of local tax caused by tax cuts since FY99
  • • Local allocations tax
  • • National treasury disbursements: A general name for funds
    disbursed from the central government to Local Governments for specified purposes
  • • Local Government bonds: Local Government borrowings not redeemed within the fiscal year

< Revenue Breakdown >@FY 2008 Settlemen

  • Net total ¥92,213.5 billion ENLARGE
  • Prefectures Total ¥48,045.8 billionENLARGE
  • Municipalities Total ¥50,213.5 billionENLARGE