Overseas Investor Relations

This page contains investor relations activity report and the presentation materials.

JLGB Asian Tour Oct 2009
To introduce the Japanese Local Government Bonds to overseas investors through an IR presentation meeting and individually arranged one-on-one investor's meeting in Asia.

Visit: Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing
Period: From 12 Oct (Mon) to 16 Oct (Fri) 2009
Participants: @ Deputy Director-General of Local Public Finance Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  A President, Japan Local Government Bond Association
  B Senior Executive Director, Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities
  C Office Director, Finance Office, Shizuoka Prefecture
  D Manager of Funding Section, Finance Department, Kawasaki City

Presentation materials)
The purpose of these materials is to explain the Local Government Bond system and market in Japan to investors who are interested in Local Government Bonds, and not to offer the sale or solicit of the purchase of any specific bonds.

Presentation Materials Local Government Bond System and Market in Japan(PDF)
  Public Offering Joint-Local Government Bond(PDF)
  Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities(PDF)
  Shizuoka Prefecture(PDFExcel) and Kawasaki City(PDF)
Some other issuers Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), Chiba Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture
  Fukuoka Prefecture, Sapporo City,
Yokohama Cityadditional), Osaka City,
Kobe City(PDF)
Statistics* Statistics of 46 Public Offering Local Government Bond Issuers (To be updated shortly)
  Revenue and Expenditure of 47 Prefectures and 17 Designated Cities (To be updated shortly)
White Paper FY2007 Settlement White Paper on Local Public Finance, 2009(PDF)
Laws and Ordinances Law on the Fiscal Consolidation of Local Governments(PDF)
  Local Autonomy Law(PDF)
  Local Finance Law(PDF)
  Local Allocation Tax Law(PDF)
Others Issue Outline of Joint Local Government Bond(PDF)
  Terms and conditions of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bond(PDF)
* Available in PDF and Excel file