Summary of Types of Bonds, Classified by Issuer


Types of bonds

In the above table, bonds are classified according to their issuing bodies. Local Government bonds are regarded as public bonds in the same fashion as government bonds and government agency bonds.

In this diagram, publicly offered bonds bonds, joint bond government bonds, citizen participatory-type public market offering bonds, and private placement bonds are recorded in the Local Government Bonds plan drawn up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, with the section inside the dotted line indicating Local Government Bonds issued as bonds.

Issuing groups include prefectural governments, government-designated cities, and municipalities.

Within these, public market offering bonds and joint Local Government Bonds are designated national-level public offering market bonds.

Resident target issre of public offering bonds public market offering bonds are bonds where the type of intended investors is extremely limited.

Private placement bonds are not sold by public offering and are not highhy marketable.